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PAIN KILLERS MP4 Series by Dr. Jamal H. Bryant includes messages:

--The Crossing Guard
--I'm Not Feeling Like Myself
--Some People Will Never Change
--You Are Not Pulling Me Down With You
--I Don't Want to Get Hurt Again
--I Can't Believe They Did This
--A Pain In the Neck
-- I Didn't Think It Would Hurt Like This

This insightful series arms the listener with information to consider when dealing with pain. Dr. Bryant effectively demonstrates the various types and causes of pain. He explains how pain can sometimes be allowed by God to bring about positive change in our lives. Dr. Bryant reveals the three pills that we must take to counter pain, which are patience, prayer, and praise. In this series, Dr. Bryant brilliantly teaches the different facets of pain, how to recognize the originator of certain pain and how to effectively endure pain and make the discomfort work toward a positive outcome on our life journeys.

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PAIN KILLERS MP4 Series by Dr. Jamal H. Bryant

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