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From leading mental health expert Dr. Thema Bryant, an accessible resource to process stress and take practical steps toward creating the life you want.


Trauma and everyday challenges can cause us to disconnect and fall into survival mode. This comprehensive workbook gently leads us back to our authentic selves by helping us process difficult emotions and identify how ordinary and traumatic stress may have led to harmful patterns, including unhealthy relationships, people-pleasing, control issues, and self-sabotage.

Drawing on more than two decades of experience in clinical psychology and trauma recovery, Dr. Thema Bryant guides us through surveys and reflection questions to grow our self-awareness and understanding. She offers a diverse array of psychotherapeutic techniques based in both Western science and indigenous knowledge to help us shift our thoughts, heal our emotions, and actively take steps toward growth. Incorporating journal prompts, grounding exercises, spiritual practices like prayer and meditation, and embodied healing through dance and movement, Reclaim Yourself invites you to process your past, center your present, and transform your future.

Reclaim Yourself: The Homecoming Workbook From leading mental health expert Dr. Thema Bryant 

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