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It's a New Day (Series includes 2 Messages)

By the mercy of God, we are living in a new day. Technology has transformed the way we communicate, the way we operate, and the way we live. But where does the Body of Christ fit in this new day? Are we connecting with the generation of people in the world who don't speak "church" language; don't know "church" culture; and don't have a clue who Christ is?

In this series, Bishop Eddie L. Long delves into the true calling on the lives of God's chosen. Yes, the Body of Christ loves Jesus. But we really don't love what Jesus loves. We've lost communication with the people that God wants us to touch. We don't communicate with the world; we don't even understand the world in this new day. God is challenging us to move out of our comfort zone of longtime traditions and religious rituals that have caused us to be ineffective.

We must ask ourselves: Are we lighting the way for those who sit in darkness and in the shadows of death, or are we too busy having "church"? Study this teaching and become the light that God has ordained for you to set the captives free!
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"IT'S A NEW DAY" by Bishop Eddie L. Long

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