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Does your life seem to be at a standstill - on pause? What caused you to lose forward progress? Was it a divorce, losing a loved one or just a bad decision?
In this series "Three Full Months of Blessings, The Past," Bishop Long will help you address your past hurts and help you let them go in order to move into your present.

This 5 Tape Series Contains the Following Messages:
"Three Months of Full Blessings, Part 1"
"Three Months of Full Blessings, Part 2"
"Three Months of Full Blessing: Get Out of Yesterday"
"Three Months of Full Blessings: Getting Off Pause"
"Three Months of Full Blessings: Coming Off Pause & Into Now"
(5 files. Total size approx. 529.2MB)

"THREE MONTHS OF FULL BLESSINGS" SERIES Volume 1-The Past by Bishop Eddie L. Long

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