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The Miracle Mentality by Pastor Tim Storey

o you remember a time in your life when you believed in magic? Maybe it was Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, an imaginary friend, or a land of make-believe in your bedroom or backyard. But somewhere along the way, disappointment and disillusion erode our belief, and we tend to live in one of three states:

1. Mundane--the known things in our lives, the comfortable, the regular.
2. Messy--the unkempt, the unmanaged, and the unmaintained.
3. Madness--the drama and behavior that breed negative results, as well as uncontrollable emotions.

The antidote to the mundane, messy, and madness is the magical.If you are longing for deeper meaning, bigger adventures, and more opportunities in your life, Tim will show you how to tap into The Miracle Mentality.

The Miracle Mentality by Pastor Tim Storey

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